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If you are a woman (18 years or older) and interested in exploring who you are BEYOND that which has been expected of you, and mapping out a course for your life while also embarking on a journey of your own unfolding, this group may be for you.

You will be given the opportunity to connect with other women and, through Dana’s facilitation, discover who you are underneath that which has been expected of you, simply, because you are female. You will practice your skills at authentically “sitting with” and supporting other women—without judgement, prejudice, and competition.

Dana’s coaching will enable you, and the other group members, to identify and clarify the messages and/or lessons you have received from your particular culture, society, and family upbringing. You will be given the opportunity to explore whether or not what you have learned
and absorbed is in line with the way you want your life to unfold.

Each week you or another member will be invited to share thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams—and their life’s story thus far. You will also be invited to listen, mindfully, to the stories of others. Journaling exercises and art will be assigned in an effort to help you, and the other members of this group, explore and uncover the personal truths about yourself, clarify how you want your life
to unfold, set goals, and create a plan to bring those goals to fruition. 

*As with all of Dana’s work, this group provides members the opportunity to exercise, expand and/or develop your social and interpersonal skills.  If this scares you, this may be the group for you.




Dana adheres to a strict confidentiality protocol.  She will not reveal to anyone that you, your family, or your business/organization contacted her, or are her client; nor will she disclose any information obtained during the course of your coaching relationship without your express permission to do so--with some exceptions which Dana will discuss with you during your initial consultation.   Your time and space with Dana (in-person, virtually online, phone, email, text) is considered sacred, and she has the utmost respect for your privacy.
*Dana Lucas is not a licensed Psychologist, Counselor, Therapist, or Social worker.  She is not a Mental Health, Addiction, or Medical provider. She does not diagnose or treat Mental Illness, or any other Medical/Health condition.

Big Sunflower

Dana is currently accepting new clients for this group.

There are 2 sessions available.  


Wednesday 4:00pm - 6:00pm or Thursday 7:00pm - 9:00pm

(Pacific Standard Time)



Free Consultation with Dana.

  • Learn more about Dana.

  • Share about your personal loss(es).

  • Discuss cost and payment policies.

  • Ask questions & voice concerns.

Contact Dana to schedule this.


8 weeks, 1 Time Per Week


  • Quiet/Uninterrupted space (for 1-2 hours)

  • Access to Internet

  • Willingness to attend, virtually, via Zoom (or a similar platform)

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