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Succulents on Windowsill

to be deprived of a loved one  through a profound absence,

especially due to the loved one's death, often resulting in

sadness and a multitude of complicated feelings.

If you have lost one or more loved ones to death, and are experiencing the feeling of being stuck in the grief and/or trauma of the loss, this group may be for you. Though there will be space for you to share about those you’ve lost and how they died, this group is an opportunity for you to delve into YOUR LIFE.  Dana’s delicate facilitation will enable you, and the other members of this group, to either restore your lives, or more likely, create life anew.

Window Plant
Cactus Plant
Arch Window

You may be struggling with a lot of big emotions and questions; or have an inner-dullness you can't seem to shake. Your experience of loss has changed you—probably forever.  Moving forward may seem next to impossible for a variety of reasons—each of which is worthy of exploring in this group. You might be isolated, feel lonely, but also daunted by the idea of connecting with others.  As a result, your relationships with friends and family may have suffered. 

Along with everything being different, though, is the potential for personal growth and evolution.  Dana will offer emotional support and use her gift of insight to enlighten each member of this group about their unique and individual journey.  Although this group will meet online (via Zoom), it's a fantastic place to, with Dana’s expertise, practice and hone your interpersonal (social) skills.  Dana will also provide lessons via activities and take-home journaling and/or art exercises.  While “going through the motions” is an option, this group will enable you to break free of stagnancy. However, you will be encouraged to find your unique rhythm and move forward at your own pace.

Path with Plants
Plants and Pottery
Branch in a Glass Jar
Flower Vase

This group does not have a particular religious focus.  Yet, there is room to share about how your personal faith pertains to your process of grief. Your spiritual life is a very important element to your journey and will be fully respected, though not everyone in the group will subscribe to the same religion or spiritual practice. The approach that Dana uses in this group stems from the following theories and modalities: 

Cognitive Psychology
Narrative Psychology

Solution Focused Psychology

Positive Psychology

Trauma Informed

 Body Centered Approach.

Small Green Plants

Finally, it is important to note that  while Dana has gained knowledge through collegiate and graduate school level training in the subject of Death and Dying, she has cultivated the majority of her wisdom from her own life experience. She understands, to her very core, living LIFE BEREAVED.  Dana has experienced the death of several loved ones—some of them untimely and unfathomable.  She has managed to forge out a life for herself in spite of the tremendous experience of trauma, loss and grief.  She knows it is possible to have a purposeful life, and experience the entire gamut of human emotions, along the way.  Though her experience is as unique as every client she has ever worked with, Dana uses it to fuel the mission of this group.



Thursdays 4:00pm -5:30pm or Saturdays 1:00pm - 2:30pm
(Pacific Standard Time)



Free Confidential Consultation with Dana (Zoom).




8 weeks, 1 Time Per Week


  • Quiet/Uninterrupted space (for 1-2 hours)

  • Access to Internet

  • Willingness to attend, virtually, via Zoom (or a similar platform)



  • $35 per week

  • $200 if the full 12 weeks are paid in advance

  • $100 deposit required to hold a space in the group (applied to 1st month).



Dana is currently accepting new clients for these two 100% newcomer,

virtual online groups. Get started when everyone else does!


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