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Dana's Life Coaching practice was going well when, in 2007, she discovered a new area of interest in which she could apply her skills--Career Coaching and Job Consulting. It all started when her spouse, Paul, having been gainfully employed by a large, well established, publicly traded Telecommunications Corporation, suddenly fell victim to the company's efforts to restructure.  In short, he was laid-off during what is often referred to as the Great Recession of 2007 – 2009.  Not one to panic, he quickly got his resume together and began his search for his next job.  He had a lot of experience and was well versed in his field; how hard could it be? HARD, as it turns out.  

The world’s economic crisis of that time did not make for a large job pool in any field.  Well educated and highly skilled people, regardless of their work ethics, found themselves unemployed, perhaps not for the first time, but for a much longer duration than ever before.  Heads of Households were under immense pressure and each passing month without a job chipped away at people’s life savings and self-esteem.  The situation with Paul was no different.  Things were tough.  Though struggling with his pride, he allowed Dana to participate in his job search.

Dana encouraged Paul to “think outside the box” and “brainstorm” career ideas.  Though things were getting rather desperate, she emphasized the importance of finding work and/or an income stream that brought him a sense of fulfillment—regardless of what it was. If it was something he dreamed about, they explored it.


Of course, Paul was not a client. He was her spouse.  That was tricky. Even so, she assisted him in clarifying his financial and professional goals. Yet, the most crucial aspects of the whole process were helping Paul keep his spirits up and identify the faulty areas of his mindset, that caused distress and interceded his ability to move forward in his career. It took some work, but out of this struggle, evolved Paul's consulting business which led to various contracting positions throughout the world. 


That's the foundation from which Dana developed the Career Coaching and Job Consulting branch of her business. She is adept at job searches, resume writing, creating content for Social Networking sites, as well as salary/rate negotiation.
In addition, Dana applies her coaching skills toward job acquisition and advancement.

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"I'm retirement age but no where near retirement. Decided to strike out on my own as a consultant. Dana helped me with my LinkedIn profile, freshened up my resume, and helped me 'get out of my own way.'  My annual income now exceeds what I  made ever."

Systems Analyst

Dana helps people of all ages, and education/skill levels navigate the journey of choosing careers and landing jobs. Using personality assessment modalities, she helps people understand themselves and clarify their goals, while also researching compatible career paths. She compiles a list of jobs that may be of interest to her clients, by researching the qualifications and requirements to ensure compatibility. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Dana helps people "get out of their own way" of career success by helping them "uncover" thoughts and/or feelings that might be influencing their level of confidence and halting their journey to success.

A special interest of Dana's is helping people navigate the journey of unemployment. It can be quite a psychological blow--daunting and cumbersome.  Keeping one's spirits up, especially during a struggling economy, can be challenging, at best. Dana understands this, not just intellectually, but to her very core. She also knows how to dig out of the rut of what feels something like despair. She brings, hope, encouragement, and motivation to her clients at a time when psychological and emotional vulnerability at high.

In addition, Dana offers a resume critique and/or writing service, aids in building LinkedIn & other Social Media pages, as well as coaching for interview readiness--as part of a package or individually.



  • Career Development
    Exploration/Finding Direction

  • Career Transition /Advancement
    Interview & Negotiation Preparation

  • Job Consulting
    Define and Search
    Interview & Negotiation Preparation

  • Resumes & Letters

  • LinkedIn profile enhancement

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Dana adheres to a strict confidentiality protocol.  She will not reveal to anyone that you, your family, or your business/organization contacted her, or are her client; nor will she disclose any information obtained during the course of your coaching relationship without your express permission to do so--with some exceptions which Dana will discuss with you during your initial consultation.   Your time and space with Dana (in-person, virtually online, phone, email, text) is considered sacred, and she has the utmost respect for your privacy.

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