About  Dana

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Dana Lucas has been working with individuals and families for 30 years, as an Individual/Family/Career Coach, Therapist, Social worker, and Contract Consultant.  A person of great empathy and insight, Dana understands the challenges of making life work when circumstances do not seem ideal.  It is her philosophy, that even the most difficult life experiences can be a launching pad to something positive and transformational. It is this ideology that is the foundation of Dana's work with her clients, whether they see her for Career Coaching, Personal Growth, or both.

Dana has a keen intuition and uses it to help her clients tap into their own.  She views the current climate in the world, today, as doing little to provide opportunities to connect with one’s inner-wisdom but, rather serving to restrict and confine it.  She sees the results of this as upsetting the equilibrium of life—individually and collectively. Thus, her goal is to aid clients in coming back to their own innate knowledge which is where they find their personal “gems” of truth and wisdom, while propelling their lives and/or careers forward.

Though she does not hold the trendy belief that humans create their own destiny, Dana does subscribe to the idea that perception and attitude determine how one weathers life’s challenges.  Her work is trauma-informed and she has a special interest in neuropsychology which suggests that neural pathways created early in life can set the tone of one’s journey unless, and until, the choice to pause and/or change directions is enacted.  Dana's Personal Growth clients receive Mindset Coaching which enables them to create more fulfilling lives by developing new cognitive pathways.  The work she does with Individuals and Groups evolves out of various coaching styles, psychological theories and therapeutic approaches. While your sessions and work with Dana will be "therapeutic," she does not provide psychotherapy. 

Suffice it to say that not unlike her clients', Dana’s personal journey has, at times, been cumbersome (whose hasn't?).  She has launched her life forward and currently resides with her spouse, children, and dogs in Oregon where, on most days, she experiences a sense of peace.

Dana's work in Career Coaching began shortly after providing assistance, in job acquisition, for her spouse whose company laid him off during the 2007-2009 Economic Crisis.  She learned very quickly that, even in the midst of a recession, an individuals perception and attitude plays a big role in developing a fulfilling and successful professional life.

She developed a branch in her coaching business, specifically designed to help people understand themselves and clarify their financial and professional goals, as well as, identifying the psychological obstacles to attaining them--and, ultimately, freeing themselves up to bring those goals to fruition.


Over the years, Dana has developed a subset of Career Coaching and Development skills that she offers as an aid to her clients' professional pursuits.

"My therapist and I thought it would be a good idea for me to work with Dana because I was ready, after several years of recovery, to break out and discover who I was other than a “survivor.”  I had a lot of ideas and ambition but didn’t really think I could pull them off. More than anything, I wanted a healthy, romantic relationship. Dana coached me into living and presenting myself authentically (NO MORE GAMES) and it made all the difference. I have a solid, relationship now.  And I’m about to finish my prereqs for Vet School. I know I did most of the work, but I think I would still be swirling around with ideas if I hadn’t had Dana’s skilled coaching."

Personal Coaching Client
Corvallis, OR

" My mental state really plummeted after I was laid off due to the economy. There are a lot of jobs advertised in my field of expertise, but rarely is someone interested in hiring a Senior Citizen. Dana helped me so much with shifting my attitude and belief systems about being a 'Baby Boomer.' She also enlightened me about the way of the world. She critiqued and enhanced my resume and helped me set up my first LinkedIn profile, ever. I got some contract work and started an LLC. This is working!"

Mechanical Engineer
Chicago, IL


Dana earned a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology (Marriage & Family Emphasis) with a Holistic Health (Body-Oriented) specialization—from John F. Kennedy University.  She also has Undergraduate Degrees in Family Studies and Experiential Psychology. She has training in Life Coaching and is committed to furthering her credentialing.  In addition to her work as a Life and Career Coach, she has worked in the fields of Mental Health, Marriage & Family Counseling, Social Services, Family/Parenting Consultant, Journalism, and Contract Acquisitions.

Dana’s current focus is on helping adult individuals with Personal Growth and Career Development.  She utilizes her passion for Effective Communication and Writing in her work with, and for, her clients.

*Dana Lucas is not a licensed Psychologist, Counselor, Therapist, or Social worker.  She is not a Mental Health, Addiction, or Medical provider. She does not diagnose or treat Mental Illness, or any other Medical/Health condition.